• Steps To Reset Hacked/Lost Microsoft Hotmail Password

    According to the tech support agents from Hotmail support Australia, one of the most common reasons why users can’t log into their accounts is the forgotten password. This happens so often, because users are trying to come up with unbreakable passwords, that is, those that are hard to guess. The problem is that such passwords are also very easy to forget.

    Reset Microsoft Hotmail Password

    If this is the reason why you can’t access your account, there is no need to call on our helpdesk. Instead, you can retrieve the password on your own by following these few simple steps:

    • Step 1 – Go to the ‘Reset Password page
    • Step 2 – Choose ‘I forgot my password’ and click Next
    • Step 3 – Type in your Hotmail address
    • Step 4 – Type in the captcha text
    • Step 5 – Microsoft will send you a one-time code to your mobile phone or alternative email address
    • Step 6 – Enter the code and type in the new password

    This is all you got to do in order to create a new password, but what if this is not the real reason why you can’t login?

    Other Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Access Your Hotmail Account

    If you can’t access your account after password reset, the reason might be that it’s temporarily blocked. This is a security measure set by Microsoft. If that’s the case, you will need to unblock the account by asking Hotmail sign in  to send you a temporary code on your mobile phone or email.

    If you used your account for some fraudulent activities such as sending spam, your account might be permanently suspended. Still, there is a way to prevent this from happening. As soon as you notice that the account is blocked, make sure to give a call to the Hotmail technical support 1-800-921-785. After explaining to them what happened, our technical experts will guide you through the process of recovering your account.

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