• Save an Email From Hotmail to Your Hard Disk as EML

    Messages are sheltered, generally, in Windows Live Hotmail

    They're just in your program, in any case, and an email program maybe. Imagine a scenario in which you need a particular message in a record envelope — together with every one of the an undertaking's different archives. Imagine a scenario in which you need to share an email in full — including all header lines that straightforward sending in Windows Live Hotmail will cut. Imagine a scenario where you need a duplicate of a message on your work area — for constantly simple and advantageous quick access. 

    Notwithstanding setting up Windows Live Hotmail in a neighborhood email program and sending out the email from that point, you can likewise spare any message as an .eml document (a plain content record that contains all message's content and subtle elements, is opened by numerous email customers and can be shared effectively). 

    Spare an Email from Windows Live Hotmail to Your Hard Disk as an EML File 

    To make an .eml record duplicate of a solitary message in Windows Live Hotmail (for independent chronicling, say, or to forward it as a connection): 

    Open the message you need to spare to your hard circle in Windows Live Hotmail. 

    Tap the down bolt by Reply in the message's header territory. 

    Select View message source from the menu that surfaces. 

    You can likewise tap the correct mouse catch in the message list and select View message source from the setting menu. 

    Save an Email From Hotmail to Your Hard Disk as EML

    Press Ctrl-A (Windows and Linux) or Command-A (Mac) to feature all the message source's content and code. 

    Press Ctrl-C (Windows and Linux) or Command-C (Mac) to duplicate the featured content. 

    Check whether your program gives you a chance to spare the message's source code as an .eml record: 

    Select File | Save As… (or your program's "spare as" charge) from the menu in the message source window or tab. 

    Change the record name to "[subject].eml"or "email.eml" or something comparable. 


    Do ensure the record expansion is .eml (rather than .aspx or .html or whatever else); if your program demands utilizing .html or .htm for sparing, proceed underneath. 

    Ensure your program spares the page source (rather than utilizing, say, the "Internet Archive" arrange). 

    Spare the record to your work area or some other organizer on your hard circle. 

    On the off chance that sparing straightforwardly as an .eml document was impractical: 

    Open any plain content tool, (for example, TextEdit, Notepad or Emacs). 

    Make another plain content report. 

    Press Ctrl-V (Windows and Linux) or Command-V (Mac) to glue the message's source. 

    Spare the record as a plain content document on your Desktop or some other organizer with the augmentation ".eml". 

    You can utilize the message subject, for instance, for the record name and spare a message with the subject "Cruising one Weekend from now?" as "Cruising next Weekend.eml".

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