• Microsoft's new Hotmail highlight will appear to be extremely commonplace to long-lasting GMail clients. 


    Microsoft has presented another component in its Hotmail webmail benefit that enables you to utilize Hotmail's different highlights with any email address. 


    Hotmail accounts have possessed the capacity to get messages from different records for some time presently, as long as they bolster the POP3 email accepting innovation. Hotmail locations would now be able to act like another address when sending messages as well, so messages sent from Hotmail give off an impression of being sent from a GMail address, your business locale or some other address you pick. This accordingly enables you to utilize Hotmail highlights, for example, sending colossal connections, with some other email address. 


    "We get it. You as of now have no less than one email address and you most likely needn't bother with another. You may likewise utilize your current address for things other than simply email, for example, marking in to internet shopping locales, which makes changing considerably all the more difficult. Additionally, you may have an address that you extremely like, yet a comparative name won't not be accessible on another email benefit. So we searched for an approach to make it less demanding for individuals to give Hotmail a preliminary run," said Microsoft's Dick Craddock on the Windows Live blog. 


    "Today we start revealing a component that makes it simple to utilize Hotmail account with any current email address. Similarly as you can utilize Microsoft Outlook with an address from any administration, you would now be able to do likewise with Hotmail on the web." 

    Hotmail users benefit from new any address feature

    The element can empowered by tapping on the Option interface in the correct hand side sheet of the primary Hotmail window, pick More Options and afterward tap the Sending/accepting email from different records connect. 


    Microsoft is revealing this new component to Hotmail accounts now. Albeit new to Hotmail, Google's GMail benefit has could act like other email addressees for some time now so clients can, for instance, utilize that administration's hostile to spam channels with different locations. 


    "We're simply beginning to reveal this change today, so it might take a couple of days to achieve the greater part of our clients around the world. When it does, it would be ideal if you try it out, and let me know how it's functioning for you," Craddock included.

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  • Among the numerous possibilities offered by the Hotmail.com or Outlook.com email service, there is a review of the record of our recent activity . This is a tool that reveals important information and is very useful, because through it we can have record of our logins and also the logins (or attempts to start) to your Hotmail account that have been made from other places or devices by unauthorized users.

    Through this tool to check recent activity in Hotmail, we access a detailed list that informs us about the time of entry and the place or location, IP address, device, platform, browser ... from which the logins occur . The service warns us if there has been what is considered a "security challenge".

    Steps to follow to check recent Hotmail activity

    • First, we must access the service by entering our username and password.
    • From the input tray we click on our username in the upper right margin, to access the account settings .
    • A submenu is displayed in which we have to choose "Account settings" . We press on that option.
    • The system asks us to confirm our password, since it is confidential information , to verify that the property of the mail account.
    • After passing the verification of the account, we access the administration page. In the section "Security and privacy" , click on "Check recent activity" .
    • Access a list with the history with all the information of the logins in Hotmail or Outlook.com .
    • To see all the details we just have to click on the link of the login, incorrect password or security challenge. We can also inform in case we suspect that other unauthorized users are trying to access, by clicking on the link "It was not me" .recent activity

    Incoming search terms:

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  • Microsoft unveiled the new Hotmail.com design just yesterday. The company’s new look for Hotmail is being tested by a small group of users, but there’s a workaround which lets anyone try the new design. I used the workaround to try out the new Outlook.com and I am really pleased with the new Hotmail so far.

    The new Outlook obviously includes a new design. It’s inspired by the Outlook Mail app in Windows 10, but it’s a whole lot better than the Windows 10 mail app in many ways. The iconography used by the new Hotmail.com are the icons you get to see in Windows 10, and there’s also a hamburger menu just like the Windows 10 app. While I have not been a huge fan of the Hotmail Mail app’s design in Windows 10, the new Hotmail.com actually looks really pretty for a mail app.

    With the new Hotmai login , Microsoft is focusing highly on search. The company recently started testing an advanced search feature on iOS (coming soon on Android), which leverages the power of Microsoft Graph to provide intelligent and contextual search results. On the web, however, there isn’t a huge difference in terms of the core functionality of the search feature. Instead, Microsoft’s made the placement of the search box a lot more prominent. I am expecting Microsoft to bring in some of the intelligent features from Hotmail Mobile to Hotmail.com’s search feature, so we shall wait and see.

    Microsoft has also packed in some of the “modern” features that you’d expect to see on email clients in 2017. When you type a smiley face in an email, Hotmail will automatically suggest emojis that you can use, and there’s also a button which lets you search for emojis and GIFs right from Hotmail. A big part of the new Hotmail is a feature called Quick Suggestions which is supposed to intelligently provide suggestions about things like flight information, restaurant reservations, and more when you writing an email. I couldn’t get this feature to work in the beta as of writing this hands-on, so I can’t really tell how well that works at the moment.

    Hotmail Photos is also a new feature that’s part of the new Hotmail. It’s an interesting new feature, but it definitely seems a bit under-cooked. Hotmail Photos is effectively a collection of all the attached images from your emails, and that’s about it. You can use the search feature to look for pictures, or you can look at photos from a specific contact, too. But the problem with the search feature is that it doesn’t include any intelligent features which means you’ll have to remember the exact term for a file name or email to be able to find a certain image. I really hope Microsoft brings in the advanced search features that are found on OneDrive and Google Photos to make the search feature actually useful.

    The new Hotmail also feels much faster than the old app. For starters, it’s built on Facebook’s React framework which potentially resulted in the new Hotmail performing much better than before. Of course, the app is still in beta, so some parts might still feel a bit slow. It’s important to point out that Microsoft is yet to roll out the new design system for Hotmail Calendar, the people hub, and Hotmail Tasks.

    Overall, I am a huge fan of the new Hotmail.com. Microsoft’s Hotmail team has been doing an amazing job on the mobile apps for the past year or so, and it’s very nice to see some of those changes coming to the web too. The new design works flawlessly, and the modern features are also going to be handy. Microsoft still needs to figure out what it really wants to Hotmail Photos, which isn’t ready for prime-time as of yet. But more importantly, Hotmail.com now looks and works like a modern email client you’d actually want to use on the browser — it’s miles ahead of Google’s Gmail which still looks something from 2007, and it also beats Google Inbox in many ways. A solid 9 out of 10.

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  • Step 1: Log in to your Hotmail Account

    Log in at hotmail.com using your email address and password.

    Step 2: Access Account Options Page

    Click on your Name on the top right of the hotmail page after you are logged in. This is marked at down arrow. Click ‘Account’ link on the drop down list. This will redirect you to the account options page.

    Step 3: Select ‘Close your account’ link

    ‘Close your account’ link is located under ‘Other Options’ at the bottom of the page. Click it, and you will be redirected to the Account Deleted Page.

    Step 4: Confirm your Password. Deleted!

    Hotmail deleted  will ask your to confirm the deletion by entering your current password. Enter it and your account will be gone.


    Warning 1: Do Not delete your account if you ever like to open it again.

    Warning 2: Deleting your account will permenantly delete your emails, contact list, and other information.

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  • (ICTPress) - Microsoft has decided to overhaul the entire email service is the most successful in the world Hotmail. Say goodbye to Hotmail.com and say hello to Outlook.com.


    New Outlook.com service will gradually replace old Hotmail 
    In the next few months, some new hotmail users will be invited to test a new web-based email service called "Outlook", The name is followed by another well-known Microsoft e-mail brand. Basically, people will be migrating to Outlook, but Microsoft does not say exactly when it will use it in bulk. 

    Hotmail users will still be able to keep @ hotmail.com or @ live.com addresses, but new users will only be able to choose between @ outlook.com or @live. com.

    "We think it's time to expand the limits of email. We have created a new mail service for users to experience modernity, "said Microsoft's chief of Windows Live, including Hotmail Chris Jones. 

    Hotmail, which was launched in 1996, has more than 325 million users worldwide. This makes Hotmail the largest Web e-mail service, but its leadership is shrinking. Google's Gmail has 298.2 million users. Yahoo Mail followed with 298 million users, according to comScore. 

    Newer rivals of Hotmail are far from outdated features of Hotmail.

    In the social integration era, labels, filters and user interfaces, Gmail and Yahoo, to some degree - have provided more comprehensive services. The name "Hotmail" even sounds like a remnant of the 1990s, similar to the AOL email address. 

    So Microsoft decided to restart. 

    The first thing users will notice about the new Outlook Web App is that the mailbox will be "cleaner" than Hotmail or even Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Microsoft says it has significantly reduced its header distance by 60 percent over Gmail, helping users go straight to their email.

    The larger icons, cleaner and commands appear only when needed, and the ads have been added. Ads have been completely removed from the email messages this person sent to others. 

    The new user interface is fascinating, but the biggest changes coming from the social and artificial intelligence aspects are being developed within the new Outlook. 

    New email service users can connect with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter contacts for online social information and photo icons when they are sending this information. Even if a user is not connected on Facebook to their e-mail recipient, Outlook will scan the general Facebook profile to at least his profile photo.


    Users can also instant message (IM) with their Facebook friends right from the mailbox. Skype's video chat service, which Microft bought a year ago for $ 8.5 billion, will also be integrated soon. 

    Outlook will also bring new smart features compared to older e-mail accounts. 

    Microsoft's new e-mail service automatically detects and labels newsletters (short form of newspaper or newsletters) and offers advertisements from stores. For e-mail messages that Outlook identifies as an advertisement, Outlook adds a global unregistered button to the message. Click on this button, and Microsoft will not only post unregistered retailers, but will also automatically filter future ads into the trash if unregistered.

    Another added feature is that when you have been sent an update on a parcel that you have ordered. The button at the top of the message will take you to the tracking page of the package. 

    Obviously, Microsoft is behind the Gmail user, some people are not satisfied with the recent changes to the user interface. The new Outlook will make updating the Gmail contacts very easy, and it understands Gmail keyboard shortcuts. You can even keep sending and receiving email from a Gmail address. This option allows Outlook to take over invisible operations behind the chain. 

    Microsoft's goal is to reach 1 billion users around the world.

    That is the goal that Hotmail has never achieved. With a new name and impressive features, Microsoft's Web e-mail service can create a new atmosphere. 

    Outlook.com has Metro Outlook mail, People but not with Mail and Skydrive. And Jumplist seems to appear in all products.

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