• Microsoft "refurbished" Hotmail: "Crisis" than Gmail


    Hotmail allows you to attach files up to 50 MB in size and 200 attachments per email, 400 times higher than Gmail. 

    Microsoft "tân trang" Hotmail: "Khủng hoảng" hơn Gmail

    Microsoft has unveiled the Hotmail Wave 4 version of its e-mail service. Expected, this version will be launched public beta test run in July this year.

    Hotmail Wave 4 adds a number of new features that are still the strength of its own Gmail, Google's email service, such as the "sticky" email in the form of a dialogue, advanced search box with multiple options. Extremely large storage or live views, images, video, or attachments in the mailbox ... Buttons are also simplified and replaced as links.

    The most popular feature of Hotmail Wave 4 is the ability to edit and edit Microsoft Office documents directly in email. Users can reply to emails with the attachment they just edited.

    If you do not want to see the banner ads in the mail window, users need to spend $ 19.95 per year to buy a Hotmail Plus account.

    So far, Hotmail is still one of the "amazing" successes in the Internet world. It was born in 1996 and is not the first webmail service, but Hotmail's friendly and reliable interface has attracted users all over the world and then acquired by Microsoft in the year. 1997 for $ 400 million.

    Today, Hotmail is still the world's most popular email service (with more than 400 million users) but in the US it is second only to Yahoo Mail and is being closely followed by Gmail.

    The new features added to Hotmail are the technology that will make Gmail extremely worried:

    -Hotmail will also automatically group the emails of the same sender and form a dialog box to help the owner of the mailbox easily track the evolution of the exchange. This is Hotmail "learning" Gmail, but Microsoft has improved a bit by the ability to allow users to turn it on or off as default as in Gmail.

    - Hotmail allows attachments up to 50 MB, double the size of Gmail.

    - Each email in Hotmail is allowed to attach a file size up to 10 GB, 400 times higher than the limit of Gmail (that can attach up to 200 files, each file is 50 MB).

    - Hotmail claims support for all mobile browsers and self-synchronization between mailboxes and mobile.

    - Users can view and edit attachments in Hotmail just as they are working on a Microsoft Office file.

    - Hotmail allows users to reply to e-mails with the attachments they have edited, without having to start new messages and attach new ones.

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