• Microsoft "Hotmail" replaced by Hotmail

    (ICTPress) - Microsoft has decided to overhaul the entire email service is the most successful in the world Hotmail. Say goodbye to Hotmail.com and say hello to Outlook.com.


    New Outlook.com service will gradually replace old Hotmail 
    In the next few months, some new hotmail users will be invited to test a new web-based email service called "Outlook", The name is followed by another well-known Microsoft e-mail brand. Basically, people will be migrating to Outlook, but Microsoft does not say exactly when it will use it in bulk. 

    Hotmail users will still be able to keep @ hotmail.com or @ live.com addresses, but new users will only be able to choose between @ outlook.com or @live. com.

    "We think it's time to expand the limits of email. We have created a new mail service for users to experience modernity, "said Microsoft's chief of Windows Live, including Hotmail Chris Jones. 

    Hotmail, which was launched in 1996, has more than 325 million users worldwide. This makes Hotmail the largest Web e-mail service, but its leadership is shrinking. Google's Gmail has 298.2 million users. Yahoo Mail followed with 298 million users, according to comScore. 

    Newer rivals of Hotmail are far from outdated features of Hotmail.

    In the social integration era, labels, filters and user interfaces, Gmail and Yahoo, to some degree - have provided more comprehensive services. The name "Hotmail" even sounds like a remnant of the 1990s, similar to the AOL email address. 

    So Microsoft decided to restart. 

    The first thing users will notice about the new Outlook Web App is that the mailbox will be "cleaner" than Hotmail or even Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Microsoft says it has significantly reduced its header distance by 60 percent over Gmail, helping users go straight to their email.

    The larger icons, cleaner and commands appear only when needed, and the ads have been added. Ads have been completely removed from the email messages this person sent to others. 

    The new user interface is fascinating, but the biggest changes coming from the social and artificial intelligence aspects are being developed within the new Outlook. 

    New email service users can connect with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter contacts for online social information and photo icons when they are sending this information. Even if a user is not connected on Facebook to their e-mail recipient, Outlook will scan the general Facebook profile to at least his profile photo.


    Users can also instant message (IM) with their Facebook friends right from the mailbox. Skype's video chat service, which Microft bought a year ago for $ 8.5 billion, will also be integrated soon. 

    Outlook will also bring new smart features compared to older e-mail accounts. 

    Microsoft's new e-mail service automatically detects and labels newsletters (short form of newspaper or newsletters) and offers advertisements from stores. For e-mail messages that Outlook identifies as an advertisement, Outlook adds a global unregistered button to the message. Click on this button, and Microsoft will not only post unregistered retailers, but will also automatically filter future ads into the trash if unregistered.

    Another added feature is that when you have been sent an update on a parcel that you have ordered. The button at the top of the message will take you to the tracking page of the package. 

    Obviously, Microsoft is behind the Gmail user, some people are not satisfied with the recent changes to the user interface. The new Outlook will make updating the Gmail contacts very easy, and it understands Gmail keyboard shortcuts. You can even keep sending and receiving email from a Gmail address. This option allows Outlook to take over invisible operations behind the chain. 

    Microsoft's goal is to reach 1 billion users around the world.

    That is the goal that Hotmail has never achieved. With a new name and impressive features, Microsoft's Web e-mail service can create a new atmosphere. 

    Outlook.com has Metro Outlook mail, People but not with Mail and Skydrive. And Jumplist seems to appear in all products.

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