• How to Rename Your Hotmail To Outlook.com





    From what we have seen, Outlook.com has received a solid response from Internet users all over the world. Today, most of us are registered with an @hotmail or @live and even @msn accounts. If you want to migrate and rename your account to @Outlook.com, you can with a few simple clicks.

    First, log in to Outlook.com with your Microsoft hotmail email account. After logging in, click on the gear icon and select More Mail Settings.

    Rename Hotmail Address 1

    Under Managing Your Account, click on Rename Your Email Address. It will open a new popup and will ask you to login again to verify your account.

    Rename Hotmail Address 2

    Next, you’re brought to Outlook.com so you can rename your account. Just select the email address you want to use with Outlook.com and click on Save button. If the selected name is available, it will redirect you to your inbox.

    Rename Hotmail Address 4

    It will then ask you whether you want to create a new folder in Outlook.com address where it will save the emails sent on your old email address or keep them in inbox along with other Outlook.com emails.

    Rename Hotmail Address 6

    I decided to save the emails sent in a separate folder. It will show the folder along with all of the other folders.

    Rename Hotmail Address 7

    This is similar to creating an alias in Outlook.com. Remember that changing your account will affect the other Microsoft services you use. And if you have a Windows Phone, just forget about renaming your account. You’ll have to reset to factory settings which will make you lose all of your data and apps. In fact, according to Microsoft:

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