• How to make a blog with Hotmail

    Hotmail has been one of the most used email services in the network. The Microsoft service is used for all kinds of activities such as social networks, forums, work and even to create a blog . 

    Using a Hotmail email account or another service such as Gmail or AOL does not interfere with the platform, basically it is something that each user decides what type of mail service to use, so when registering on platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr or WordPress. com you can select to use a Hotmail email, Gmail or other service.

    Creating a Hotmail account

    Before starting your blog with Hotmail you must have your email ready, but you must take into account that you can also use the new Microsoft service that has replaced Hotmail and that is called " Outlook". However, the network to register an email in Hotmail still gives us the option of type Outlook.com or Hotmail.com

    Anyway I leave this manual on how to create an email account in Hotmail: http://www.microsoft.com/es-xl/outlook-com/

    Once you have your Hotmail or Outlook account - and I still do not understand why Microsoft started migrating Hotmail emails to Outlook and now let's use the old name of the service - you just have to register in Blogger or WordPress.com to use your new mail in these blogging platforms.

    Is there a difference in using Outlook or Hotmail?

    Previously Hotmail in the aesthetic part and user interface was very different from what is now the same service since it was renewed with the introduction of Outlook as a mail service . However, the registration of the service allows different domains to be used, but now under the same interface.

    Although the Hotmail that we once knew a few years ago does not exist, we can use it for different uses including creating a blog. Basically the process to create a blog with Hotmail.com , Outlook or another service is the same, there is no difference.

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