• How to forward emails from Hotmail / Outlook & Yahoo to Gmail

    You are utilizing Outlook/Hotmail or Yahoo mail need to change to Gmail yet at the same time need to get new mail sent to the old email. It's simple, simply forward the email. 

    Gmail is demonstrating its prevalence. Many individuals have been changing to Gmail, would you say you are one of them? Despite the fact that you move to another letter drop, would regardless you like to get new mail from your old post box? So set up sending these new messages to your new inbox . Keep in mind to set up automated assistant to inform the sender of the message that you have moved to the new letter drop. 

    1. Forward email from Hotmail/Outlook to Gmail 

    Stage 1: In the Hotmail/Outlook post box , tap the flip catch (upper right corner) and select Options . 

    change out-viewpoint hotmail-yippee to-gmail-1 

    Stage 2: Enter the hover on the left of the Start change . At that point enter the Gmail deliver you need to forward (here is one choice: Keep a duplicate of the sent message - it's a smart thought to keep both your old and new post boxes up and coming.) Finally, tap the Save catch to spare the progressions. 

    change out-viewpoint hotmail-hurray to-gmail-2 

    That way, any new messages that are sent to your old Outlook/Hotmail letter drop are sent to the new Gmail address and still hold a reinforcement on your Outlook/Hotmail account

    Note: You can likewise forward to non-Gmail email, which is like this instructional exercise. 

    2. Forward email from Yahoo mail to Gmail 

    The most effective method to set up email sending on Yahoo mail more strides with Outlook/Hotmail on the grounds that you should add and affirm Gmail deliver to Yahoo mail. 

    Stage 1: In the Yahoo letter drop , press the upper right corner false name, select Install . 

    change out-standpoint hotmail-yippee to-gmail-3 

    Stage 2: After the Settings window opens, select Account in the left menu, at that point right tap on the Yahoo mail in the Email address . 

    change out-viewpoint hotmail-yippee to-gmail-4 

    Stage 3: Scroll to Forward ... at that point enter the sending address in the container beneath then press the Verify catch straightaway. 

    change out-viewpoint hotmail-yippee to-gmail-5 

    Stage 4: If you are asked to reappear your secret key, enter your watchword once more. You will then be considered administration page. Here, you pull down the Manage email tends to segment . Tap the Add another email catch . 


    change out-viewpoint hotmail-hurray to-gmail-6 


    Stage 5: Enter the Gmail deliver you need to forward the new message to and press the Save catch . 

    change out-standpoint hotmail-yippee to-gmail-7 

    Stage 6: Notice that you need to affirm the email you just included, tap the Gmail page catch to get to Gmail quickly. 

    change out-standpoint hotmail-hurray to-gmail-8 

    How to forward emails from Hotmail / Outlook & Yahoo to Gmail

    Stage 7: Now open your Gmail post box and you will see another message sent from Yahoo. You open this message, tap on hold Please utilize this connect to affirm the record. 

    change out-viewpoint hotmail-yippee to-gmail-9 

    Stage 8: Verified record notice. 

    change out-viewpoint hotmail-yippee to-gmail-10 

    Stage 9: Now return to the sending settings window in Yahoo mail, tap the Verify catch at that point tap the Save catch to spare the progressions. 


    Note: In the change segment there is a choice that is Save and Forward and Save and Forward and Mark Read. Settle on your decision. 

    change out-standpoint hotmail-hurray to-gmail-11 

    How to forward emails from Hotmail / Outlook & Yahoo to Gmail

    Any new messages sent to the old Yahoo mail will now be sent to your new Gmail and kept in Yahoo mail.

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