• How to check recent activity in Hotmail

    Among the numerous possibilities offered by the Hotmail.com or Outlook.com email service, there is a review of the record of our recent activity . This is a tool that reveals important information and is very useful, because through it we can have record of our logins and also the logins (or attempts to start) to your Hotmail account that have been made from other places or devices by unauthorized users.

    Through this tool to check recent activity in Hotmail, we access a detailed list that informs us about the time of entry and the place or location, IP address, device, platform, browser ... from which the logins occur . The service warns us if there has been what is considered a "security challenge".

    Steps to follow to check recent Hotmail activity

    • First, we must access the service by entering our username and password.
    • From the input tray we click on our username in the upper right margin, to access the account settings .
    • A submenu is displayed in which we have to choose "Account settings" . We press on that option.
    • The system asks us to confirm our password, since it is confidential information , to verify that the property of the mail account.
    • After passing the verification of the account, we access the administration page. In the section "Security and privacy" , click on "Check recent activity" .
    • Access a list with the history with all the information of the logins in Hotmail or Outlook.com .
    • To see all the details we just have to click on the link of the login, incorrect password or security challenge. We can also inform in case we suspect that other unauthorized users are trying to access, by clicking on the link "It was not me" .recent activity

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