• Hotmail: Hotmail migration and Office use on iPad

    Columnist also responds to questions about difficulties in using emails after Hotmail migration, setting up network in Windows 8, migrating from university to Outlook.com and site to learn how to program in C ++.



    >>> Migration to Outlook.com
    Hello Ronaldo. My university e-mail account uses the Microsoft e-mail system. Will it also be transferred to the new Outlook? Marcos Donizete da Silva Junior

    Hello Mark! The only email accounts that are being migrated are those with the @hotmail domain. Your university probably uses Microsoft Exchange as an e-mail server. In this case, there will be no change because of the migration to the Outlook.com service.

    >>> Difficulties in using emails after the migration of Hotmail
    Estou com dificuldade de utilizar meu Hotmail com esse novo formato do Outlook. Como posso voltar ao Hotmail?Elton

    Hi, Elton! You can not roll back the migration from the Microsoft mail service to the previous interface. But if you are having difficulty using it, please post your questions in the comments area so I can try to help you.

    >>> Undo Hotmail Migration
    My Hotmail updated to Outlook, I hated it! How do I recover my Hotmail? Everything I did yesterday disappeared. I had three accounts and only one appears, the main one. I do not like the new format, design, anything you have in this new Outlook. How to undo this? Rosangela

    Hello, Rosangela! You can not access the old Hotmail interface because the migration is final. If you are having difficulty using it, please post your questions in the comments area. An alternative you might consider is integrating your Hotmail account into another email service, such as Gmail or Yahoo.



    >>> Office for iPad
    I've had an iPad for a year and a half and, because of reduced mobility, I've limited my notebook's use. In college, I only use the iPad. However, I need to edit files like .doc (x), .xls (x) and ppt (x), mainly college works. Could you give me an "good and cheap" iPad app where I can write and edit jobs, preferably allowing me to create covers, change spacing, font and parchment? I use google docs, but it's very limited for what I need. Thanks. Barbarian

    Hello Barbara! The Tech Doubts Blog has already addressed this theme ( see here ). However, productivity applications are always being improved, precisely to ensure the greatest possible compatibility with documents created in Microsoft Office. One of the most popular is the Documents To Go ( enter here ), which costs $ 9.99.

    >>> Setting up network in Windows 8
    I bought a netbook with a brand new Windows 8, but I left it to install the network and now I do not know what to do. Can you help me? Elivelton

    Hello Elivelton! If your network is wired, simply plug the cable into your netbook that the operating system will identify the router settings. But if it is a Wi-Fi network you need to click on the "Desktop" icon, locate in the lower right corner (near the clock) the icon corresponding to the network and click on it. If you have not already identified your network, it will appear briefly. Then click on the name of the network and on "Connect". After you have selected the option to connect automatically, enter your access credentials and you are ready to go.

    It is worth remembering that this procedure will only work for a network in which the router has had its security defined by password and in which the IP is generated by DHCP (automatic generation). If your network has more specific settings, please post the details so I can give you a detailed guide on how to add your computer to it.

    >>> Learn to program in C ++
    I would like to know if there is any website that teaches C ++. Gilson

    Hello Gilson! You can learn the C ++ programming language through a free online course ( access here ). Even video lessons can be downloaded.


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